Top Rated Shared Hosting Services

Bluehost, one of the oldest web hosting companies has gone through a lot of changes in the last few months. They have increased the space, bandwidth and no of domains per account to match the best offer in the industry, while keeping the price low. Now they offer unlimited domains and resources to justify the same. If you are looking to host multiple domains and want the assurance of a reliable host, blue host is a great option. For more info, read detailed Bluehost review.
Hostgator, founded in 2002 is one of top shared hosting companies. They are consistently ranked among the best by most of the review sites. Hostgator doesn't do anything spectacular, they just provide excellent hardware and good support. Our top cheap web hosting choice- ideally suited for both small business sites and personal web sites. For more info, read detailed Hostgator review.
MediaTemple is a web hosting and cloud services provider, since 1998. They are based in California and own operate data centers in Los Angeles, CA and Ashburn, VA. They are a relatively large web host hosting 1.5 million websites and has been listed in North America’s 30 big web hosting companies. MediaTemple offer a number of hosting solutions starting from cheap and scalable grid services to ultra powerful server solutions. They also offer a web builder solution for people with limited HTML skills and budget for web development. For more info, read detailed MediaTemple review.
HostMonster has been in the hosting industry since 1996. They own and operate their own data center. The infrastructure is pretty good and they have been providing quality hosting over the last 10 years. At $5.95 per month(paid for 2 years), they offer more features than many of the premium hosts. Definitely they offer cheap web hosting and quality support. For more info, read detailed HostMonster review.
JustHost is one of the shared hosting companies owned by Endurance International Group(EIG) which is a leading provider of shared hosting through 40 distinct brands it owns. Some of the better known hosting brands owned by EIG includes FatCow, iPowerWeb, dot5hosting, Bluehost, Startlogic, Easycgi etc and recently they are rumored to be taking over Hostgator as well. So if you are wondering whether all these hosts are identical in service and support, well they are not! Most of the companies bought by EIG retains their unique setup and continue functioning the way they are used to. JustHost is a cPanel host and they do oversell, but they are also one of the better managed and customer friendly host. For more info, read detailed JustHost review.
Startlogic is a leading web hosting company, with years of experience in the field. They provide both windows and Linux shared hosting, in addition to the VPS and dedicated servers. Their price is pretty affordable and they offer enough space and bandwidth to satisfy most needs. For more info, read detailed StartLogic review.
Liquid web, started in 1997 is one of the well known names in web hosting industry. They are one of the leading managed dedicated server hosts, with own top of the line data centers with excellent connectivity. They also provide top quality shared hosting which is priced above the average, still affordable for serious web masters. For more info, read detailed LiquidWeb review.
IX Web hosting is one of the top 10 hosting companies in US, in terms of size. According to third party estimates, they host over 494,000 domains. They own over 1% of US market share. Their plans are relatively cheaper and offers excellent value for money. Excellent option for small businesses, since they provide different class "C" IP address for add on domains. They also have a sister concern named hostexcellence, which offers packages similar to ix web hosting. For more info, read detailed IX Web Hosting review.
A Small Orange is a popular web host, that doesn't oversell and offers only reasonable resources for the price they charge. Unlike Hostgator or Bluehost, they do not have unlimited shared hosting plans, but they do provide what they advertise. For more info, read detailed A Small Orange review.

#10 Dreamhost

Dreamhost is one of the top 15 shared web host on the web, hosting nearly 1 million domain names as reported by independent third party analysts. If we exclude domain registrars who act as hosts and domain parking service, Dreamhost is probably the biggest specialist shared host on earth. For more info, read detailed Dreamhost review.